Custom Harness Assembly

All harness assemblies are built to our customers exact specifications, using their schematics, wiring diagrams and BOM’s. We are able to produce a properly terminated and 100% quality tested harness assembly.

We not only produce smaller harnesses with a few wires, but we currently produce larger assemblies requiring up 80 hours per assemblies with no issues. If you need a quality product with proper workmanship, give us a call.

For the past thirty years, ESI Electronics have been producing assembly products for the Thin Film Industry, Radio Frequency Industry
and Semiconductor Industry

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions regarding our services, you can call us at: (856) 629-2492, send a fax at: (856) 629-2493, or email by clicking this link . We’ll be happy to provide prompt, accurate price quotes on any of our services.