Specialist in Harness, Cable
& Turnkey Production

Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

Attentive Service, Oversight
and Workmanship


For over 25 years, ESI has provided quality workmanship to a variety of aerospace, electronics, medical and manufacturing companies.

ESI is a specialist in designing and building custom prototypes, redesign or optimize wire harness, cable and turn key assemblies.  Our team of engineers will provide attentive service and oversight for every stage of the design and production process. Thus ensuring our commitment to quality manufacturing workmanship, realistic production cost and fast turnaround.

Harness Assemblies

Can create or redesign from specifications custom control panels, wire harnesses and electronic circuit board assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Custom Cables

ESI builds custom cables such as multi-conductor, USB, coaxial, ribbon, serial cables, power and line cords.

Turnkey Assembly

Our production and engineering teams can design, build, or installed fully complete and ready to operate a finish product or prototype.

Production Process

At ESI, our trained and certified production process can design and manufacturer custom cable, harness and turnkey electronic assemblies. ESI also can create a prototype or optimize and redesign existing assembly equipment based on provided specifications. Successfully incorporating your concept, by producing a quality product with workmanship.


First step is to upload your BOM file. We will then search for the right components to match the required specifications  and prepare a detail estimate including labor.


To ensure quality, our designers will communicate with your engineering team for additional revisions and new designs. Throughout the entire project we report back with progress reports, photos, videos and timing updates.


To meet agreed specifications, we test for Cirrus signature-proper termination and cross wiring and short circuits. All test documentation is included with all shipped products.

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